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Man in handcuffsThere are scarcely any other life events capable of inspiring fear and anxiety aside from facing criminal charges. The Law Office of Wayne M. Chariff understands this and is committed to providing you the best criminal defense possible. In addition to staunchly protecting your rights in court, we strive to maintain a calming and judgement-free office space in which you can air your concerns and apprehension. Put simply, we are your partner in this process.

The Law Office of Wayne M. Chariff provides civil and criminal litigation services including the following:

  • Representation in all state courts for misdemeanor and felony cases
  • Drugs & narcotics offenses
  • Drunk & disorderly conduct
  • DUI and traffic-related cases

Time is of the Essence

When it comes to defending you against criminal charges, it is vital that you retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible. While we are working on things from our end, local law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office are also busy at work building a case against you. In order to properly protect your rights in the upcoming trial, we need all the time and information available. We will scour your arrest report, background, the actions performed by arresting officers, and relevant legal precedents to bolster your defense.

Avoid Complicating Your Social Media Presence

Though it is tempting and cathartic in this day and age to invite your friends and family into important life developments on social media, we cannot stress enough how unwise it is in regards to an open criminal investigation. Even if your profile is set to private, there are ways for prosecutors to get ahold of your information. We do not want you to implicate yourself, so we implore you to abstain from discussing your criminal case online.

The Law Office of Wayne M. Chariff represents clients in Binghamton and throughout Broome County in need of effective criminal defense. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, contact our firm today at (607) 724-3300 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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